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Factors to Consider While Choosing Wall-mount Racks

Using wall mount racks can be one of the most effective ways of saving floor space in your organization. It completely eliminates the hassle of setting up a dedicated space for networking equipment. Wall-mount racks are essentially designed to attach to a wall and fit into areas that can’t accommodate larger rack enclosures.

In addition to this, a wall-mounted rack can keep your IT hardware like switches, routers, patch panels, and other equipment off the ground, making your workplace safer and more organized. 

There are several options available for one to choose the ideal wall-mount rack. Here are a few considerations that you should keep in mind.

Height of the Rack

The height of your rack naturally depends on the height of your equipment. The height of a rack is measured in rack units and denoted by 1U. One rack unit, or 1U, is equal to 1.75 inches. Therefore, depending on the height of your equipment, you might have to go for 10U or any other height of the rack. For network equipment, their height is again measured as 1U which is an equivalent of 10 rack units.

Depth of the Rack

The depths of most wall-mount racks can be adjusted with a maximum depth of 32.5 inches. To identify the ideal depth required for your equipment, measure the depth of your equipment and add 3 inches to it to allow for cable management and other troubleshooting. If your equipment comes with a depth of 17.5 inches, ensure that the depth of the wall-mount racks is a minimum of 20.5.

Weight of your Equipment

If the weight of your equipment is greater than the capacity of the wall-mount cabinet, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Therefore, always ensure that the load capacity of the cabinet, as well as the wall studs, is greater than the weight of your equipment, including the weight of the cabling.

Requirement of any special features

IT hardware which draw power are capable of generating tremendous amounts of heat. Therefore, you need to consider the air-flow requirement of the equipment and might have to go for perforated or plexiglass front doors. You can also choose to improve the physical security of your cabinets with smart locks or rolling doors. Depending on the installation time, you can also go for rolling casters for easy installation and hinged wall brackets that provide for easy equipment handling and cabling.

At Hardy Racks, our wall-mount cabinets are sturdy, durable, and customizable. With our services, we will thoroughly go through every possible consideration for you to make the most of our cabinets. To buy our wall-mounted racks, get in touch with us now.

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