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Secure Data Center


The Secure Data Center from Hardy Racks is a ‘plug-and-play’ Prefabricated Modular (PFM) Data Center developed on the principle of power compartmentalization. It comes built-in with pre-tested and pre-installed systems required for easy and quick installation of equipment and deployment of a data center.

Each Secure Data Center from Hardy Racks includes:

  • 42U server rack

  • Biometric access control system

  • Metered PDU

  • UPS and 1 battery pack

  • Temperature monitoring system

  • Fire suppression system

  • Keyboard tray and full tray

  • Cooling system

  • Water leakage system

Why Opt for Secure Data Center?

  • Compact and efficient data center design The Secure Data Center is a server rack and a data center in its own right and can be simply plugged to a power source within any office location.

  • Minimal infrastructure requirement Due to its ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, new facilities can be set up in a matter of hours, instead of weeks or months.

  • Immense scalability and ease of use With each Secure Data Center acting as an individual building block, as few or as many can be added to scale up/down the data center.

  • Safety & Security Strong rack-level access control system along with fire suppression system for fire safety

  • Optimal Temperature Control In-built cooling system along with temperature monitoring system for efficient, safe operations

To set up your data center in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner, get in touch with us today!

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