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PIR Hardware Motion Detector

A Passive Infrared Motion Detector for your security needs

When motion is detected, notifications can be sent to give instant feedback about the developing situation.

  • Product Code: MD00

  • MSRP Price:

  • Powered by the base unit

Motion Detector

The AKCP PIR Hardware Motion Detector is the perfect accompaniment as part of your security monitoring system. Its unique design allows mounting in either ceiling or walls and characterizes the optimum detection angle to prevent false alarms.

Although compatible with both sensorProbe and securityProbe product series, it is ideally suited to the securityProbe product line. When combined with the securityProbe 5E’s notifications, cameras and security sensor it provides a complete network enabled security monitoring system.

When motion is detected notifications can be sent from the securityProbe 5E via SMS, E-mail or MMS (amongst others) and even have pictures from installed cameras attached to give instant visual feedback as to the developing situation.



Example Setup

Video Presentation

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